Upcoming Infrastructure

Krishnapatnam Port is currently executing the Phase II development which has an outlay of Rs. 4,000 crores.

Stacker Cum Reclaimer

Phase II will involve construction of:

  • Additional berths for coal, general cargo and containers
  • Mechanised cargo handling system with dedicated cargo-wise railway sidings inside the port

On completion of Phase II, the port will have the following:

Coal Berths

  • 10 dedicated Coal berths with 2 ship unloaders per berth
  • Each ship unloader with a capacity of 2,000 TPH
  • Conveyor system with a capacity up to 4,000 / 5,000 TPH
  • 2 wagon loading stations. Each having a capacity to store 2,500 MT and each having a loading capacity of 3,500 MT in 2 hours

Export berth

  • Ship loaders with a capacity of 5,000 TPH
  • 2 Wagon Tipplers of 110 MT capacity, 30 tips per hour per tippler
  • 2 Stacker-cum-reclaimer with a capacity of 3,000 / 5,000 TPH
  • Conveyor with a capacity of 3,000 / 5,000 TPH

General cargo berths

  • 3 general cargo multipurpose berths

Rail sidings

  • Dedicated cargo-wise rail sidings inside the port with multiple loops for faster evacuation of cargo


  • Conveyor system, stackers, reclaimers, ship loaders, ship unloaders and wagon tipplers
  • Coal discharging capacity of 96,000 MT / day

Pipeline infrastructure

  • Future provision for dedicated pipelines for various liquid cargos like POL, Chemicals, Bitumen, etc.
  • Proposed tank terminal of 1 lakh kilolitres
  • Provision for future enhancements
containter-terminal wagon conveyor tank-terminal